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Be Healthy and Kind too!

communicationNobody wants to get sick. All people hope that they can live healthily until their old ages. That’s why today people pay more attention in taking care of their health. They do many thing make them still health.

People are more selective in what they want to eat and to drink. They choose healthy food by consuming more fruit and vegetable. Older people eat less meat and eat more food that contains fiber. It is really good to keep their health. Besides that they also do exercise regularly, drink enough food and get enough sleep. By doing these, they hope they can live healthily.

On the other hand, people who get sick or suffer disease has to cure it. They have to get the right medical treatment in order to be healthy again. There is a non profit organization call Sing for Hope that has great role in relieving the sick people with its program i.e. hospital outreach.

Sing for Hope is a charitable organization that mobilizes professional artists. They are from classical musicians to photographers to Broadway performers do volunteer service programs that benefit schools, hospitals, and communities.

Sing for hope gives Health arts healthcare by providing music to complete in healing process. It turns out that the music in heath care give good effects such as reduce blood pressure and heart and respiration rates, Decrease pain perception and levels of fear, stress and anxiety, Decrease pain perception and levels of fear, stress and anxiety, many more. It is really great, and we hope that all the sing for hope done can help people who need help.

It’s very important to keep our body since our young ages. Moreover, to spend your spare time, you can start joining Sing for Hope and choose one of the program that matches with your skills and interests.



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